Switchboard Repair and Installation

Understanding the importance of safety switches and their mandatory requirement for most circuits, especially power circuits, Knight Power Electrical Pty Ltd offers professional installation services. Safety switches are crucial for protection against electrical shocks and fires, making them necessary for renting, selling, or simply living with peace of mind. Our team of experts can assist with the installation of safety switches in your property, ensuring that your electrical system is compliant with regulations and safe for use.

The new “A Type” kind of safety switches are now mandated to be installed on new circuits and alterations as a minimum, we provide expertise and installation for these.

  • Professional Safety Switch Installation: Ensure the safety of your property with professional safety switch installation services provided by Knight Power Electrical Pty Ltd, complying with regulations and offering protection against electrical shocks and fires.
  • Mandatory Requirement for Peace of Mind: Understand the mandatory requirement of safety switches, especially for power circuits, to ensure peace of mind when renting, selling, or living in a property, and rely on our experts to handle the installation process.
  • Tripping Switches Issue Resolution: If you’re experiencing issues with tripping RCD, RCBO, or Safety Switches, our skilled technicians can identify and resolve the problem efficiently, offering prompt fault finding services for a smooth functioning electrical system.
  • Identifying and Solving Underlying Causes: Count on our team to identify the underlying causes of tripping switches and provide reliable solutions to restore the proper functioning of your electrical system, ensuring safety and convenience.
  • Keeping Your Property Safe and Functional: Trust Knight Power Electrical Pty Ltd to prioritize the safety and functionality of your property, offering expert installation services for safety switches and efficient resolution of any issues, ensuring your peace of mind.

If you are experiencing issues with tripping RCD, RCBO, or Safety Switches, our technicians are equipped to identify and resolve the problem. We understand that tripping switches can be a frustrating and concerning issue, which is why we offer prompt and efficient fault finding services. Our team will work to identify the underlying cause of the problem and provide a reliable solution to restore the smooth functioning of your electrical system. You can rely on Knight Power Electrical Pty Ltd to keep your property safe and functioning correctly.