TV, Soundbars Wall Installation and Setup

We safely install TVs of all sizes up to 100 inch on walls at optimum height for viewing enjoyment. Cables are concealed in the wall to give a tidy look with all the connectivity you need for gaming consoles and Foxtel boxes. We supply quality mounting brackets either swinging, articulating or flat as your needs dictate. We install new tv points and powerpoints as well as set up your Tv for a complete and ready to watch installation.

  • Professional TV Wall Mounting: Ensure a secure and safe TV installation with our professional TV wall mounting services, avoiding potential damage to the TV, walls, or electrical cables that can occur without experience.
  • Expert Advice on Brackets and Placement: Consult with our experts to determine the best bracket and optimal placement for your TV, ensuring a visually appealing and functional setup that enhances your viewing experience.
  • Enhanced Sound Quality with Speaker and Sound Bar Installation: Elevate your audio experience by opting for our speaker and sound bar installation services, maximizing sound quality and immersing yourself in a cinematic experience.
  • Avoid Pixelation Issues with Antenna Installation and TV Points: Say goodbye to pixelation issues by utilizing our antenna installation and additional TV point services, ensuring a clear and uninterrupted signal for seamless TV viewing.
  • Neat and Professional TV Installation: Trust Knight Power Electrical Pty Ltd for a neat and professional TV installation, providing peace of mind and enhancing the aesthetics of your living space. Contact us at 0424 195 705 or book online to schedule your TV installation appointment today.

Knight Power Electrical Pty Ltd offers professional TV wall mounting services to ensure your TV is mounted securely and safely. We can also install speakers and sound bars for optimal sound quality and provide antenna installation or additional TV points to avoid any pixelation issues. Contact us at 0424 195 705 or book online for a neat and professional TV installation.