How Much Does Ceiling Fan Installation Cost?

Australia is renowned for its sunny summers, which attract tourists far and wide, and there’s no better place to be in summer than the Gold Coast.

Those fortunate enough to call the Gold Coast home, are indeed lucky. However, while the Gold Coast’s summers are glorious, they are hot – and it seems they are only getting hotter. Last week alone, we encountered a week-long heatwave that saw temperatures skyrocket past 30°C each day.

If you’re looking to for some relief from the heat at home, then one of the cheapest and most effective solutions is installing ceiling fans in your Gold Coast home. At Knight Power Electrical, we specialise in residential electrical services like ceiling fan installations and can have your home feeling much cooler in no time at all.

This time of year, we are inundated with enquiries, including ‘how much does ceiling fan installation cost?’. So to answer this burning question, we’ve put together this article. Continue reading to find the average cost for ceiling fan installation on the Gold Coast.

Ceiling Fan Installation Cost

The cost to install a ceiling fan on the Gold Coast will vary depending on your circumstances. For instance, ceiling fan supply and installation will cost more than just ceiling fan installation. Also, whether you are having a ceiling fan replaced or having a new ceiling fan installed will impact the cost.

In regards to the cost of the actual ceiling fan, expect to pay anything from $80 to $200. You can supply the fan to your electrician, or a full-service electrician such as Knight Power Electrical can provide a fan according to your budget.

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Now that you know why interconnected photoelectric smoke alarms make a big difference let’s look at the costs. Here, you have to factor in two elements; the cost of the alarms, and the cost to have the alarms installed.

New Ceiling Fan Installation Cost

Installing a new ceiling fan will be more expensive than a replacement as there is no existing wiring in place, and the electrician will need to install roof support before the fan can be mounted.

Generally, you can expect to pay $120 for the electrician’s time. However, the replacement ceiling fan installation costs will vary depending on accessibility to your roof/manhole, placement of the control switch, and other elements.

Replacement Ceiling Fan Installation Cost

If you are replacing an existing ceiling fan with a new ceiling fan, then the wiring is already in place, and hence, the installation cost will be lesser than installing a new fan.

In replacing a ceiling fan, there will be two costs involved; the price of the fan itself, and the installation cost.

For the installation alone, you can pay as little as $70.

Book your Ceiling Fan Installation

If you’re looking to have one or more ceiling fans installed on the Gold Coast, then contact Knight Power Electrical. As specialist residential electricians, we can swiftly and professionally replace or install a ceiling fan, and also supply the ceiling fans.

Our service is friendly and affordable, and we will leave you with a cooler home that is better equipped for the summer heat.


The Gold Coast is a glorious place to be in summer. However, it is also very hot. With temps in the 30’s°C, some form of relief is needed. For those without air conditioners, ceiling fans are the best solution.

Ceiling fan installation costs on the Gold Coast will vary depending on whether it is a new fan or a replacement fan. For new ceiling fan installs, you can expect to pay around $120. Replacement ceiling fan installations are approximately $70.

If you’re looking to have a ceiling fan installed on the Gold Coast, then give Knight Power Electrical a call. With more than 10 year’s experience, we have the skills and professionalism to provide solutions to all your residential electrical needs, including ceiling fan installations.

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